Our team is an orchestra, every musician is a potential soloist, but together we make the difference ...

In our Team there are engineers and specialized technicians able to develop research, projects and environmental monitoring systems.

We develop software and hardware in the IoT world.

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Electrical engineer, with experience in administration and control of companies. He holds positions of administrator and management of people, he has experience in IoT systems.


MASSIMO Altobello

Electronic engineer with experience in programming and software development, he designs and coordinates the Maniola technical office.

Technical director


Responsabile della gestione commerciale, del rapporto con i clienti e delle strategie aziendali.

Account Manager


Perito elettrotecnico impiegato nella programmazione e sviluppo software Maniola.

Junior Technical Assistant

PAOLO Fiumarella

She is an integral part of the technical office and develops 3D writing, and the technical documentation with materials list.

Officer Support


manages the accounting of suppliers and customers, develops tenders. She hase relationships with insurances and Bank.

Admininistration and Race

AMALIA Senatore

Ingegnere elettrico industriale con esperienza nella programmazione e sviluppo di software, progettista HW & SW per i dispositivi Maniola.

Plant Production Manager


Ingegnere elettrico industriale con esperienza nello sviluppo di software, sviluppatore hardware e software per dispositivi Maniola.

Project Developer

MICHELE Compitiello

Innovation Manager certificato dal MISE. Si occupa di gestire le strategie di business e la comunicazione aziendale sul web.

Web Marketing Manager

CLAUDIO Cozzolino

Supporto nell'ideazione e gestione delle attività di comunicazione, con focus sulla creazione dei contenuti testuali. 

Junior Marketing Assistant

SERENA Matarazzo

Environmental and local engineer, manages research and development projects, plans activities.

Product Manager