Hydramote SW

Intelligent management of water resources  

Decision support systems for greenhouse and outdoor irrigation

Talent is an ever new source of water -

Agriculture 4.0

HYDRA MOTE is a software and hardware system by MANIOLA Smart Sensing, capable of integrally transforming the irrigation and greenhouse growth management system.

HYDRA MOTE is the integrated system for the management of irrigation and fertigation systems, consisting of configurable transceiver boards to define, read, control and modulate the parameters coming from the environment.

HYDRA MOTE can completely transform the results of productivity and quality of agricultural products, under glass and outdoor.

It is a WSN application for web based irrigation management, which allows the management of water resources as well as the creation of a centralized archive for energy and water saving control.

HYDRA MOTE uses the WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) system, which is a wireless mash network, equipped with distributed sensors capable of detecting physical parameters or monitoring environmental conditions. The network is made up of a set of sensor nodes installed inside the greenhouses which, by interacting with each other through appropriate algorithms, allow to better manage based on the type of products being used.

The GATEWAY is the network access port and has the task of collecting and processing data in the cloud, this allows the visualization of the system status in real time from any device (computer, smart phone, tablet).

THE SOFTWARE is resident in the Cloud, allows you to access your private air with a dedicated password depending on the credentials assigned.

It will be possible to log in as:




- VISUALIZER (for administrations and private clients)

It will be possible to identify the algorithms to define the minimum watering of the plants and thus obtain energy and water savings. In collaboration with the agronomists of your company the methods to improve the products will be identified, in the star version of the product it will be possible to make projections on the resources saved and on the durability of the products.


  •      Water saving

  •      Saving of fertilizers and pesticides

  •      Control and remote control of wound-irrigation systems

  •      Remote management of irrigation systems - WEB BASEDSYSTEM

  •      Expert System for the management of irrigation in greenhouses - DSS

  •      Visual control of crops with infrared cameras

  •      Better product quality

  •      Increased durability of fourth range products

...and much more