Greenhouse and nurseries

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In the sector of Serre and Nurseries, the important data for the definition of the success of the harvest is subject to the quantity of water and one of the most significant data, besides the difference in yield per hectare, is the quality of the grapes and fruit produced in the presence of important climatic variations or infection with pathogens.


With the help of the Hydra Mote system developed by Maniola Smart sensing, the winemaker can:     


  • build an integrated pathogen prevention system     

  • monitor the effectiveness of irrigation     

  • perform soil and climate analyzes     

  • optimize treatments and interventions on the vines and on the ground

With the intelligent system  of Maniola it is possible to improve productivity



Reduction of energy consumption


Water saving


Saving of fertilizers and pesticides.



Remotely control irrigation wound systems


Check the parameters.

- underground (temperature and humidity on two levels)

- leaf wetness and environmental parameters (air temperature, air humidity and air pressure)

-  solar radiation

- temperature, humidity and air pressure)

- solar radiation


Allows the farmer to check the progress of the field parameters.

It allows to improve the quality of the products, through the control of the water stress of the root system.

Alarms can be activated to identify the quantity of fertilizer contained in the tank.