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The lighting for the residential Light mote LED in Maniola was born in 2015, after about 3 years of functioning tests. The company has decided to market the product that can currently be purchased on the company website or through qualified installers, only after having tested the reliability of the Hardware and software system.

The lighting for the residential Light mote LED from Maniola is an economical and sustainable choice for garden applications for the gate of your home for all the automation you want without having to necessarily change everything, making your home towards a gradual smart path.

Now and in the future residential systems can be managed and monitored in a simple and effective way. The Maniola lighting systems are sold with the supplied Lightmote SW software able to support the customer in analyzing the efficiency of the system and the installer in the management of maintenance and energy efficiency.

With the intelligent systems of Maniola it is possible to adjust the light intensity and manage any type of peripheral device.




Energy reduction up to 70%.


Manage and plan maintenance reducing costs.


Reduce CO2 emissions due to lower primary energy consumption.

​It allows you to check the costs of the individual areas by processing a relative savings report.

With the supplied intelligent sensor, it modulates the brightness automatically according to needs.



It modulates the brightness of the single point according to the actual presence of people and vehicles. Check the correct functioning of the single light point.

It interfaces with the traffic light systems and is able to connect with all Maniola systems.

Evaluate the number of people who passed under the lamppost.

It allows the management of reserved parking spaces in your city.


Connect street lights to functional peripherals.

- for traffic management in case of work.

- for the activation of limited traffic areas in case of maintenance.

- manages the weather and power stations environmental analysis for traffic blocking.


allows viewing on a map of the fault point and in case of damage on a pole it can indicate the event.